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Disadvantaged populations are one illness, one crime, one missed rent payment from disaster.  These are not just words.  We live it on a daily basis

Southern Nevada is among the nation's highest in homeless population - totaled 6,490 homeless people in Clark County (2017).  Many are young people at incredible risk for exploitation and abuse.

Living Grace Home is a foundation recognized as an indispensable evidence-based program in Clark County. Executive Director, Kathleen Miller, and staff are on the front lines providing a safe haven for young, pregnant, homeless women between the ages of 14-24.  LGH provides food, clothing, shelter, transportation, parenting skills, guidance and education.


"I grew up in foster care...I would try to go back home, but kept getting kicked out and would end up in group homes, or the juvenile detention center.  It became an issue when my son was born, when he become a target for their physical abuse. I fought for him, and was kicked out for the final time.

Since being at Living Grace, I now know what a family is.  The staff is understanding, they will not judge you and listen to your stories.  Ms. Kathleen and Ms Stephanie go above and beyond for us.  When exiting the program, I will never forget them..."



There have been over 400 babies born to the residents of Living Grace Homes!

“Living Grace Homes has a reputation for being fiscally responsible and has a very positive reputation for providing services above and beyond what is expected”

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Living Grace Homes' programs are designed to support pregnant and parenting teens in acquiring the education and personal skills necessary to make positive and productive life choices.  Learn more about our admission requirements.

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